Session 1: Taking Stock of State-of-the-Art Knowledge on the Human Rights-Environment Interface

Saturday 6 September, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Good Environmental Governance. Some Trends in the South Asian Region [Paper]
Hassan, Parvez, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan

Topic 1: Constitutional Environmental Rights: A Driver for Environmental Policy-Making?

Promoting Environmental Justice in Developing Countries: Thinking Beyond Constitutional Environmental Rights [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Ako, Rhuks, University of Hull Law School, UK

Strong Constitutional Basis – Weak Environmental Policy. How could be the Environmental Policy Unconstitutional? – The Case of Hungary [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Antal, Attila, Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law, Hungary

Constitutional Environmental Rights in Ethiopia: Driver for Environmental Policy Making [Abstract]
Belliethathan, Satishkumar, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
Roger, Charles, The University of British Columbia, Canada

Analysing the role of the new constitution in enabling effective environmental policy making [Abstract] [Paper with restricted publication] [Bio]
Bergigui, Mohamed Fouad, UNDP

The Potentially Powerful Influence of Constitutional Environmental Rights On Environmental Policy-making [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Boyd, David, University of Victoria

Constitutional Environmental Rights to Protection from Fracking [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Daly, Erin, Widener University School of Law
May, James, Widener University School of Law

Do Constitutions Matter? The Effects of Constitutional Environmental Rights Provisions on Environmental Outcomes [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Jeffords, Christopher, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Minkler, Lanse, University of Connecticut

The South African Environmental Right: A 20 Year Retrospective [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Kotzé, Louis, North-West University

Constitutional Environmental Rights for Future Generations: A driver for implementing environmental policy commitments [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Pearce, Catherine, World Future Council

Constitutionalising Sustainable Development and the Public Trust Doctrine in Ireland [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Salafia, Vincent, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The Finnish Constitutional Environmental Right [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Viljanen, Jukka, and Heiskanen, Heta-Elena, University of Tampere


Topic 2: Human Rights and Access to Environmental Justice in Practice: Cases from the Field

Atmospheric Trust Litigation: New Hope for Climate Justice? [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Abate, Randall, Florida A&M University College of Law

Barriers to Framing Claims as Rights Violations in U.S. Climate Litigation [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Averill, Marilyn, University of Colorado

Improving Access to Justice: Recent Trends and Developments in Procedural Environmental Rights [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Banda, Maria, WilmerHale LLP

Namati: Innovations in Legal Empowerment, Grassroots legal empowerment strategies to support effective participation of civil society and vulnerable groups in the protection of land, natural resources, and environment [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Brinkhurst, Marena, and Knight, Rachael, Namati: Innovations in Legal Empowerment

Case of Georgia: the crossroad of environmental degradation, human rights and vulnerability [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Bulia, Tamari, European Centre for Minority Issues

Indigenous People Human Rights and the Mexican Environmental Impact Assessment. The case of the Yaqui River [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Cerami, Andrea, and Martinez Esponda, Xavier, Mexican Center for Environmental Law

Climate Justice in Brazil: Challenges and Perspectives [Abstract] [Paper]
Courrol Ramos, Marina, Mackenzie Presbyterian University

The Great Indoors: Integrating the Built Environment into Environmental Rights [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Gellers, Josh, University of California

Global environmental governance and human rights to health: the end of the Ecuadorian Yasuni-ITT initiative [Abstract] [Paper with restricted publication] [Bio]
Montag, Doreen, Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar

Sustainable development: Linking the environmental and humans rights protection with mining projects in developing countries [Abstract] [Bio]
Muñoz, Lina Marcela, University of Rosario

Forest governance in India. Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Needs of the Communities [Abstract] [Paper]
Sarma, Indrani, Institute of Social Change and Development

Environmental Licensing in Brazil – Judicialization, Environmental Protection, and the Rights of Local Communities [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Scabin, Flavia, Center for Applied Legal Research - Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Measureing the Influence of Community Tenure on Deforestation and Climate Change: Which Bundle of Rights is Best? [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Stevens, Caleb, World Resources Institute

Rights, Needs, Deserts and the Nigerian Constitution:  Towards Social Justice for Man and Nature in the Niger Delta Region [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Stewart, Ngozi Finette, University of Benin

Procedural environmental rights giving access to justice: lessons from Vermont and other courts handling environmental cases around the world [Abstract] [Paper] [Bio]
Wright, Merideth, Environmental Law Institute