Conference Papers

The Conference Secretariat invited, following a competitive review process, about 100 authors to prepare a full paper. You can browse the papers using the above sub-menu or the following links:


Information on Abstract Selection

Scholars and experts were invited to submit abstracts for three types of Conference Papers:

  • Synopsis Papers highlight key outcomes and conclusions from relevant past events such as workshops, consultations, expert meetings, etc.
  • Review and Discussion Papers succinctly review state of the art knowledge concerning a particular theme or question addressed by the Conference.
  • Case Study Papers describe, analyze, and draw conclusions from a particular situation/case (e.g. national, local).

All abstracts were reviewed by an Academic Review Committee and were selected based on the following Criteria for Abstract Selection:

Relevance: Does the abstract clearly address or respond to one (or more) of the specific Conference themes and questions? Does it provide policy-relevant conclusions? 

Analysis: Does the abstract provide an interesting analytical perspective (as opposed to a solely descriptive point of view)? Does it offer and answer, a research question and/or hypothesis which is of policy relevance?

Originality: Abstracts with original material, that have not been published or presented elsewhere, are encouraged. However, this is not an exclusive criterion. The decisive factor is the relevance of the abstract.

Length: The requested length of abstract is 250 words in order to allow the Advisory group to get a good sense of the merits of the proposed paper. Shorter abstracts may not allow such an assessment.

Language: All abstracts must be submitted in English.